Vision and Goals

Yesod Association was founded based on the understanding of the importance of the founding values of the state for Israel’s existence as an enlightened, democratic, and tolerant society. Yesod’s goal is to stimulate dialogue, shed light on issues, interpretations and different approaches, and to provide the tools to conduct debates, to reach agreements and especially – to conduct disagreements.

We aim to lead and impart civic education based on the understanding of democratic universal values such as the rule of law, opposition to tyranny, and the preservation of human dignity and human rights – as expressed in Israel’s heritage and in its documents and law.

We believe that relations between the citizens of the state – individuals and groups, men and women, children and adults, religious and secular, majority and minorities, Jews and Arabs – should be at the forefront of Israel’s internal democratic agenda. That civic foundation should be emphasized as a common denominator, an identity of interests and values, as a basis for a society that recognizes its diversity and respects democracy values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a commitment to the democratic values and to the cultivation of human rights and its connection to democracy through civic formal and informal education . Such commitment can only be achieved by nurturing a sense of responsibility, involvement, and active participation.

We believe that education is an indispensable means in the process of establishing a lifetime commitment to democracy and human rights. Our core activities and educational programs   emphasize the impact these values have on each and every one of us, both in private and public arenas.

We believe that the caring for and identification with the collective are essential to establish active citizenship among children and youths who see themselves as responsible for their community and their country, feel solidarity with others, empathy for the weak, and share a welcomed acceptance of others.

We believe that providing young people with the knowledge of how to collaborate, share leadership, and work together – is the only way to ensure meaningful life in a democratic society, obligated to respect human rights.

The Stated Goals of the Association Are

To act to strengthen the legal status of human rights in the State of Israel, including promoting and guiding policy and legislative processes.
To conduct comparative research, surveys, and write position papers with the aim of promoting, protecting, and implementing human rights and democratic values in the State of Israel.
To carry out educational activities with the goal of raising awareness of the essence and importance of human rights and the significance of a democracy's values in realizing these rights.


Moshe Yanai

An Israeli inventor, businessman, entrepreneur, aviator, investor, and philanthropist. He led the development of the EMC Symmetrix, the flagship product of EMC Corporation in the 1990s, which prevented, to some extent, financial chaos in New York Stock Exchange and certain banks after the September 11 attacks, as further detailed below.

Steering Committee

Gabriela Shalev
The first woman to serve as Israel's ambassador to the UN. A creditable professor of contract law. Shalev won the Sussman's Prize in Law in 1989, became The first incumbent of the Hebrew University's Lawrence D. Biele Chair in Contract Law in 1990, and won the Zeltner's Prize in Law in 1991. She won the Israel Bar Association prize in 2003.
Dan Meridor
An Israeli politician and minister who served at various times as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Justice and Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy in the Israeli Cabinet. During his time in the Knesset he also served as the Knesset observer to the Council of Europe.
A former judge of the Supreme Court of Israel. He served as a Supreme Court justice from 2003. Joubran is of Christian Maronite heritage and affiliated with the Arab Christian community. The second Arab judge to hold a Supreme Court appointment.
Colette Avital
An Israeli diplomat and politician. She served as a member of the Knesset for the Labor Party and One Israel between 1999 and 2009.
Yaniv Roznai
An Associate Professor and Vice-Dean at the Harry Radzyner Law School, and C0-director at the Rubinstein Center for Constitutional Challenges, Reichman University.

Executive Board

Adi Shay
A Leading banking, M&A, and privatization lawyer. Dalia was awarded a special “Women in Law” award of appreciation and recognition by the Israeli Bar Association. In 2013, Dalia was named by Forbes magazine as one of the 50 most prominent women in Israel.
Shlomit Moshe
Member of the executive board and legal advisor of the association. Founding partner in the DSM law office, with expertise in association law and real estate law.


Meirav Nimrodi
Lee Tzuker
Orly Dayan
Liat Cohen
Salsable Kanaan
Talya Rabinovitch
Aridge Mssawa
Elad Kadosh
Adiel Melamed
Tabarak Shekha
Rotem Cohen
Noa Vntura
Orisha Tastase
Liat Mishayev
Liat Mishayev
Ben Orenshtein

Association Documents

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