Yesod Association promotes the democratic values of the State of Israel as a  tolerant and democratic state  through civic education.

Our task is to stimulate the discourse, to raise the issues and the different approaches and provide the tools to manage the discussion, the agreement and especially the disagreement.

For over a decade The Yisod Association has been promoting civic education for democracy and fundamental rights and encouraging dialogue and explanation about the meaning of these values and their importance in ensuring the place of every individual in Israeli society. The educational model of the association is based on a basic consensus: the State of Israel was founded as a democratic and Jewish state, ensuring social and equal civil and social rights for all its citizens, regardless of religion, race, or gender – principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence. The association operates within the formal education framework, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, municipalities, and relevant authorities, with an emphasis on relevant Israeli legislation and connections related to the life of Israeli children and youth.

Policy Promotion

Promoting initiatives and projects aimed at initiating and promoting reform in the field of fundamental rights, including comparative research in the field of education practices for fundamental rights.

Education for Activism

Encouraging active citizenship among children and youth who see themselves as responsible for their community and their country, feel solidarity with others, empathy for the weak, and acceptance of others. Young people who know how to collaborate, share leadership, and work together.

Implementation of a Civic and Democratic Education Model

Developing a pedagogical model for civic education and education for democratic culture in a multicultural society. A model based on various practices and modules from around the world, research, and the development of teaching tools and methods.

Our Impact

To empower children and youth with the tools they need to manage their lives as adults – tools to engage in dialogue, to analyze reality, distinguish between the degrees of importance, (to separate the wheat from the chaff) , improve their perception of others, understand the inherent right of being members of society and citizens, and take responsibility for their membership in a democratic Israeli society.

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